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Everybody wins with this program: Residents | Nursing Homes | Family & Friends
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    8-Step Campaign to bring more visitors to nursing home residents.





"Something To Talk About"



This is a winner for Nursing Home Residents.

The Nursing Home Activities Mail Board delivers activities 24/7 which are:

  • Mentally, physically and emotionally engaging

  • Warm and personal

  • Happy and interesting

  • Lots of fun


    This is a Winner for Visitors in Nursing Homes.


    The activities can be enjoyed anytime, by individuals, couples and groups. Children, teens, adults, men and women can enhance the enjoyment of their social interchanges with their favorite nursing home resident, no matter what that nursing home resident's abilities or disabilities might be, because the NURSING HOME ACTIVITIES MAIL BOARD offers:

  • Good-natured fun

  • A generous variety of interests

  • Multiple levels of understanding

This is a Winner for Families and Friends of Nursing Home Residents.

There is no reason to leave any resident out of some part of the sharing.

This is a winner for Nursing Homes.


This turn key Nursing Home Activities Program is simple and easy to implement and maintain. It actually does more work for you than you do for it. It is:

  • Cost - Effective

  • Self - Energizing

  • Self - Promoting

  • Fits neatly into the daily business of running a nursing home.

  • Provides a long-term solution to the ever-demanding need for stimulating activities, entertainment and social interaction for nursing home residents.

New activities every week for two years - and can be effectively repeated for years, as new people come and go. Additional years of material are available if desired.


     nursing home ACTIVITY  MAIL  BOARD


  • The first part of this nursing home activities program is the Activities Mail Board upon which our letters are posted each week. These are more than just letters. Each category provides it's own unique activity as well as an open doorway to other, related activities.

  • The second part of the program consists of tools, within the "Getting To Know You" category which help us recognize each nursing home resident's individuality and special qualities.

  • The third part are extras = Bridge For Pals and Loven Bloom Cards

  • The fourth part of the program is to let families and the community know how much fun we can all have visiting nursing home residents.


  1. Interview questions so any of us can help Nursing Home Residents write their stories about their lives or make important diary entries. - Record Your Memories

  2. Every nursing home resident and staff member gets a chance for special attention on the Say Hi or send a card slot on the Activities Mail Board.

  3. Pictures to brighten the day of Nursing Home Residents - For Your Delight

  4. Jobs that Nursing Home Residents can do to increase happiness and hospitality in their home, while enhancing their own Self Image and Self Value - Jobs for Nursing Home Residents

  5. We feel good about exercising if we can each do our own thing. Nursing Home Residents share these fun exercises - Let's Get Strong

  6. Nursing Home Residents share, enduring and new, sing alongs with each other, Nursing Home Visitors and Nursing Home Staff  - Share a Song

  7. Nursing Home Residents can read and share interesting letters and personal stories with each other, Nursing Home Visitors and Nursing Home Staff - Letters and Stuff

  8. Nursing Home Residents can learn and teach something new to each other, Nursing Home Visitors and Nursing Home Staff every day. - The Learning Page

  9. Nursing Home Residents can share delightfully unique meditations with each other, Nursing Home Visitors and Nursing Home Staff. - Armchair Vacations

  10. Helps Nursing Home Residents express their personal identity to form friendships with each other, Nursing Home Visitors and Nursing Home Staff - Getting To Know You

  11. Individual Favorite State Posters - Each nursing home resident has a special fondness for at least one state. Why? Put these poster on their wall and ask them.

  12. Individual About Me Posters - A one page summary of their personality, family, accomplishments, history and hobbies. At a glance nursing home visitors will have something to talk about with a nursing home resident.

  13. Individual Birthday Wall Posters - Any nursing home resident, with a birthday that month can have this poster on their wall. Now anyone can know this is their birthday month and wish them a happy birthday. (Though we don't like for our birthdays to add up, we still feel special when someone remembers our own special day.

  14. Individual Birthday Badges - Nursing home residents can wear these birthday badges, on their shoulder, when they are out of their rooms, so they don't miss any opportunity to receive a birthday blessing.

  15. Individual Name Badges - Allows nursing home visitors to include the nursing home resident's name, when speaking to are talking with that resident. (We all like to hear our own name in our conversations.)

  16. Individual Star-Goal-Award Posters - (3 Purposes) 1. Constant reminder to nursing home residents, while they are in their rooms, that they can go to the NURSING HOME ACTIVITIES BOARD to have fun. 2. Nursing home residents are rewarded with a star on their poster, each month if they socialize. (3) By looking for posters with stars on them, nursing home visitors will know which nursing home residents enjoy participating in the Mail Board activities.




    We furnish nursing homes with a


  1. Nursing Home Hallway Posters - Encourages nursing home residents and nursing home visitors and nursing home staff to visit the NURSING HOME ACTIVITIES MAIL BOARD.

  2. Nursing Home Front Door Posters - Notifies every person walking through the front door that the nursing home that the NURSING HOME ACTIVITIES MAIL BOARD is fun to share with nursing home residents.

  3. Poster for Community Bulletin Boards - Invites everyone within the community to visit and share the fun of the NURSING HOME ACTIVITIES MAIL BOARD with their local nursing home residents.

  4. Certificate of Recognition Poster - For the local businesses who pledge one employee a month to go on a 30 minute visit to a local nursing home to share the Activities Mail Board with the nursing home residents.

  5. Advertising Insert for Nursing Home Newsletter - Our nursing homes can use this insert for any of their newsletters.

  6. Informational Brochure for nursing homes to hand out.

  7. Emblem for the Web Site of each Nursing Home, so everyone can quickly identify the homes that are using the Activities Mai Board.

  8. The My Letters International Web Site - This  instructional web site is dedicated as a service manual to nursing home activity departments. By simply browsing this site, would-be nursing home visitors will know what this program is about, how it works and how to use it, when they walk through the doors of their local nursing home.

    Statistics show that over 60% of residents never - ever get mail or a visitor.























Click on the links below for full descriptions of Activity Categories:

Record Your Memories Say hi or send a card  For your Delight  Jobs for Residents 

Let's Get Strong  Share A Song  Letters And Stuff  Learning Page  Armchair Vacation  Bridge For Pals 

Getting To Know You includes Loven Bloom Greeting Cards - Favorite States Posters - About Me Posters - Birthday Posters Birthday Badges - Name Badges - Star Goal Awards 

We also have packages available for:

Assisted Living Centers, Adult Day Care, Hospitals,

Hospices, Retirement Centers, Special Service Group homes

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